The Company Training Certification Advising

Sersim Limited liability company assists the companies in the organization and starter of systems of consistent business qualities to UNI EN ISO 9001:2000, EN 729, UNI EN ISO/IEC 17025, ISO TS 16949 and Systems of management acclimatizes them UNI EN ISO 14001. It collaborates to such aim with numerous professionals, through which it has already assisted in several merceologici fields more than 200 companies, all highly satisfied for caught up goals. The plans of Sersim Limited liability company are orient you to the concrete realization of the proposed solutions and to the attainment of he turns out to you tangible: therefore it turns out to you are not the product of a job made "to small table" or the simple readaptation of formulas of general application, but the study of one solution on measure for the customers. Sersim Limited liability company operates with teams composed from advisers and members of the organization customer, in which the first trasfondono their innovative, progettuale contribution and of performance, while second the acquaintances of the business and the company. To arrange these two contributions is fundamental in order to obtain the motivation and the support of the men who, in the organization customer, must put into effect the changes wishes to you and to obtain turns out to you established with the Direction.

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