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The companies can make sure their future happened one today characterizing theirs staff. Why not to address to our seminaries of professional formation? In this division, our experts put to your disposition theirs know-how, supporting to you moreover with banns always modernized on the most arguments. Such banns are available also in electronic format. Sersim Limited liability company, taking advantage itself of the wide one know-how of its experts, organizes seminaries and formation course, personalizes you for the requirements of the companies that they want to face the distance of the certification in within of Systems of Management for the Quality and in within of certification of the welding. Sersim Limited liability company offers:

- Certifications of Quality
1) Formation of the staff
2) Certification professionality of the human resources
3) Optimization of the production processes
4) technological Searches and of marketing
5) practical Search and elaboration for European, National and Regional contributions financial

- Services for the emergency, quality and atmosphere
1) Check - up Business and verification of the application of the enforced Norms
2) Reduction of the levels of risk
3) Activity of inner inspecting verification and surveillance on the suppliers
4) Check - up it acclimatizes them, maps pollution, verification application of the Norms
5) Management of problematic relative to the ecological fields and the emergency on the job
6) Planning of impact acclimatizes them
7) Writing 626
8) Writing HACCP
9) Activity of analysis of the processes
10) Activity of process control
11) Activity of continuous improvement of the processes
12) Activity of control of products (CND - CD)
13) Activity of formation and sensibilization

- Services for the formation and the development of human resources
1) Analysis requirementses formed to you
2) Planning of the Course
3) Attendance to the preliminary investigation of the plan
3) Planning of the participation in function of the Business requirements
4) Distribution instruction
5) Predisposition material to us
6) Control of management of the formative activity
7) Predisposition of the documentation for the financing on institutional modules
8) Attendance to the economic count to conclusion of the activities

- Services of directional and organizational advising
1) Adoption of methodical techniques and of Business strategic and operating planning
2) Adoption of systems of management of the activities for the determination of the Business costs
3) Adoption of systems of analysis of the business organizational structure ( levels of delegation and responsibility, vertical and horizontal analysis of the Business flows)

- Services of advising economic-financial institution
1) Check-up of the economic order of the Enterprise (analyses of profit) and financial (analysis for indices and flows)
2) Analysis of the economic and technological convenience of the investments
3) Study and predisposition of plans of development, modernization, innovation and search, internationalization, for small and averages the feasible with subsidies to lost bottom of European Community, Ministerial and Regional enterprises.
4) Appraisal of the most suitable sources than financing for the Enterprise.

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