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The Company
Sersim Limited liability company was born with the attempt to supply to the run companies of formation and advising in the fields of the certification and the qualification. It carries out activity of aimed formation to satisfy the requirements of the following companies in fields: Continuous formation in the field of the base welding and innivative techniques; relative services of advising you to the certification (You see copy certification of Quality)

Training & Education
Course practical us for operating welder and of weldings for the second European normative qualification, UNI EN, ASTHMA, Section IX and others, Certification PED 97/23. The practical formation in welding represents one of the historical activities of the practical Sersim since the course us, in the greater part of the cases, is finalizes you to the attainment of the certification in the class of wished qualification.

Sersim Limited liability company offers to a complete service and to the vanguard for an express and effective accompanyment to the certification in the full respect of the Privacy and the requirements of the Customer in collaboration with the T▄V Rheinland. Certification of ambient Quality and emergency second norms UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 - ISO 14000/EMAS - OHSAS 18000 - ISO/TS 16949:2002

T▄V Rheinland Italy S.r.l.
T▄V Rheinland Italy is the Italian branch (office) of Group T▄V Rheinland, world-wide leader in field of appraisal and verification produced and systems of management. We document to the Emergency and the Quality of Products, and Business Systems of Management and services. Our competence to interdisciplinare turns out neutral and independent. You render your future professional happening!

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