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Companies can assure tomorrow's success by qualifying their employees today. They can get support from education and consulting as a modern provider of training and consulting services, for example with seminars for expert and management personnel in current professions likes web design and IT project management.
Sersim S.r.l., thanks to its experts know-how, organizes seminars and training courses, tailor-made for the internal requirements of the company. The courses are addressed to help you in facing both the Quality System Certification and the Product Certification.
The Welder Fitter Course is designed for the beginner with little or no experience in welding. The course consists of metal cutting utilizing the Oxyacetylene torch and employing five common processes detailed below. The program concentrates on the basic techniques required to deposit sound welds on carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum plate and carbon steel pipe.
The shop projects include various joint designs in all positions on plate and pipe. In Shielded Metal Arc Welding, several electrode types and sizes are employed with both AC and DC electric arc welding machines. Two semi-automatic processes are taught. Gas Metal and Flux Cored Arc Welding including the various transfer methods of both processes are taught. Gas Metal and Flux Cored Arc Welding including the various transfer methods of both processes.
Structured theory classes cover welding safety, proper machinery set ups and adjustments, basic metallurgy, weld wire selection, welding joint design, and shop math. Instruction in blueprint reading includes additional shop math, welding symbols, and the basics required to read, understand, and follow welding blueprints.
The Welder Fitter Course also includes basic instruction in both pipe structural layout and fitting, and instruction in utilizing more than one welding process on the same welding project.
The Welder Fitter possesses the flexibility and versatility of the Combination Welder plus the specialized skills required to follow a blueprint in the fabrication shop and actually layout and fit up the materials prior to welding. The Welder Fitter is considered a specialist within the welding field and is fundamentally prepared to continue training for technician employment.

Refrigeration brazing techniques are totally different to any other types of brazing and require special consideration. It is now a requirement to make as few mechanical joints as is practically possible in the pipework of any system. With this in mind it is imperative that service and installation engineers know the correct procedures of how to braze. In addition, the recently introduced standard BS EN 378 (which replaces BS4434) states that whenever anyone installs or breaks into a system, that system must be properly pressure tested, leak tested and evacuated and a written log of the work be kept on site.
Elite Specialist Training Ltd can teach you the correct and necessary procedures concerning refrigerant pipework brazing and pressure testing. All of our tuition is to the current CITB specification which utilises the final test piece of the British Refrigeration Association template and complies with BS EN 378.
This 2 day Pipework and Brazing Course starts with theoretical session which is followed by a written assignment. The course is primarily “hands on” and covers the use and dangers of oxy / acetylene equipment but also goes into great depth about other gases used. Plenty of time is allocated for practice.

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